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Find Nationwide Facts and Figures

Our longstanding, mutual operating structure builds a solid foundation for a strong and stable company. 

Key facts about Nationwide 

  • Ranked #69 on the Fortune 500
  • Approximately 34,000 employees

Significant U.S. rankings for property and casualty

  • #7 homeowner insurer, based on premiums written[1]
  • #8 auto insurer, based on premiums written[1]
  • #8 total property and casualty insurer[1]
  • #7 commercial insurer[1]
  • #1 farm insurer, based on premiums written[1]
  • #1 pet insurer[2]
  • #1 total small business insurer[4]
  • #2 excess and surplus lines insurer[1]

Significant U.S. rankings for life and retirement savings

  • #1 in 457 plans based on number of plans[3]
  • #8 provider of defined contribution plans[3]
  • 8th largest life insurer, based on total premiums[5]
  • #7 provider of variable life insurance[5]
  • 7th largest writer of variable annuities[6]

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