What are the different types of commercial business insurance

Researching different types of business insurance isn’t always easy.

Business insurance requirements vary from state to state, and names for individual coverages aren’t always consistent among insurance companies. For instance, one insurer might refer to coverage for the accidental breakdown of boilers, machinery and equipment as boiler and machinery insurance, while another insurer calls it equipment breakdown coverage or mechanical breakdown coverage.

To make things more confusing, names like “boiler and machinery insurance” often include coverage for more than their names suggest – such as computers and office equipment. To help clarify the kinds of commercial insurance available, below is a list of some of the types of business insurance coverages that Nationwide offers.

Types of business insurance

  • Business Liability Insurance can help protect you, your employees and customers in the case of an accident.
  • Commercial Property Insurance can help protect your company’s physical assets, such as your building, furniture, equipment and inventory. You can get commercial property coverage even if you work from home.
  • Businessowners Policy, or BOP, is a combined package of different coverages, such as property, liability, crime coverage and more. A BOP can help you get a customized policy tailored to your specific needs.
  • Commercial Auto Insurance can protect your business and employees from a variety of damages and accidents related to the operation of vehicles.
  • Crime Insurance can protect your business from crime-related losses such as theft and forgery.
  • Business Income Insurance can help pay bills and cover costs if your business has to close temporarily.
  • Commercial Umbrella Insurance can provide your business with extra protection beyond your standard liability policy.
  • Cyber Liability Insurance can help protect your business from damages related to electronic data, computer systems, data breaches and even computer attacks.
  • Equipment Breakdown Insurance can protect your business from damages and costs related to computers, electrical and mechanical equipment breakdowns.
  • Business Interruption Insurance can pay for lost income and help keep your business afloat if external forces cause you to close for a short time.
  • Workers’ Compensation Insurance can protect your employees in the instance of a work related accident.
  • Accounts Receivable Insurance can cover your business against losses caused by the inability to collect customer payments.

What kind of business insurance do I need?

At the very least, every small business needs property insurance and liability insurance – even if you work out of your home. If you have business vehicles, you’ll need business vehicle insurance. And if you have employees, most states will require you to have workers’ compensation insurance.1

Other small business insurance needs depend on your business type, size, location, annual revenue and years in business.

To make things easier on yourself, find an insurance company you can trust, then search for coverages specific to your industry.

If you need help determining what kind of business insurance you need, call Nationwide at 1-888-490-1549. If you’re ready to get a quote, visit Nationwide’s small business insurance page and enter your zip code to get started.

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