Improve manure pit safety on your farm or ranch with discounted pricing on a gas monitor.
Severe weather, a growing fact of life for agriculture

Severe weather, a growing fact of life for agriculture

Learn about mitigating risk to your agricultural operation from severe weather.

Unplanned power outages

Unplanned power outages

Learn how to prepare your farm for unplanned power outages.

Reduce hay fire risk, maintain hay quality with HAYTECH

Reduce hay fire risk, maintain hay quality with HAYTECH

Footlong hay probes monitor and record temperatures and provide early detection of issues.

Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball

Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball

Self-activating fire mitigation tool adds a new layer of fire suppression and early warning.


How to manage attractive farm nuisances

Attractive farm nuisances, like ponds, may detract from the overall crop potential and add to a farmland owner’s liability. Learn more about managing attractive farm nuisances.

Get manure pit safety and rescue training

Get manure pit safety and rescue training

Sponsored by Nationwide, this one-of-a-kind manure pit simulator trains first responders, farmers and others on the importance of manure pit safety and proper rescue techniques.


Manure pit safety by Nationwide and NECAS

Deadly manure pit accidents are preventable. Learn how Nationwide and NECAS are working together to help keep farmers safe.


Manure dragline systems and safety

Dragline systems can cut some of the hazards of handling and applying manure to crop fields. Learn more about operating a safe and effective manure dragline system on your farm.


Manure pit safety means thinking ahead and making good decisions

Learn about the procedures you should have in place for manure pit safety to help protect against accidental death or injury.

Summer farm safety tips for kids and teens

Summer farm safety tips for kids and teens

With an increase in kids and teenagers helping on farms this summer, discover helpful tips for keeping youth farm workers safe.

How to prevent ransomware attacks on your farm or agribusiness

Ag markets and supply chains are relying more and more on digital systems that can be vulnerable to ransomware attacks. Protect your operation with these tips.

Helping farmers protect themselves from chemical application liability

Crop application accidents can expose the applicator to potentially massive liability. Learn more about how farmers can stay protected.

3 questions to ask before lending farm equipment

Lending farm equipment is a neighborly thing to do, but it's not without risk. Before lending, make sure you are properly covered by asking these questions.

Preventing milk contamination on dairy farms

Preventing milk contamination on dairy farms

Chemicals keep equipment clean and animals healthy on dairy farms, but when mishandled can contaminate dairy products. Avoid contamination with these tips.

Prepare for drought with an effective drought plan

Droughts are impacting farmers and ranchers throughout the US. Learn how to create an effective drought plan to mitigate drought’s effects on your operation.

How to prevent combine fires

Combine fires can cause property losses, personal injury and lost productivity. Learn how to inspect your combine harvester to prevent equipment fires.

Farm telematics

Farm telematics

Integrating telematics into your farm can help you manage your field operations and keep everyone safe. See how you can use telematics on your farm.

Five tips to prepare your farm for grass fires

Five tips to prepare your farm for grass fires

Follow these five tips to plan ahead, stay informed and know what to do in the event a grass fire threatens your farm.

Thermal imaging provides a 'sixth sense

Thermal imaging provides a 'sixth sense'

See how using thermal imaging equipment on your farm can help prevent equipment issues from becoming big costly problems.

Mitigating storm damage with stronger grain bins

Protect your stored grain and potential revenue from the threat of strong winds by implementing stronger grain bins.

COVID-19 and Farmer Liability Concerns

Keep your farm or agribusiness safe and prepared amidst the pandemic by addressing these common liability concerns.

Helping farmers cope with COVID-19 stress

Ted Matthews, psychologist and director of Minnesota Rural Mental Health, says family members and friends can play a big role.

Proactivity is key to pandemic preparedness

Industry expert: Ensuring farm worker safety pays off

Remember farm safety during COVID-19 pandemic

It’s important to keep farm safety top of mind for all persons, including children.

Risk mitigation for your growing farm

As farms grow in size, farmers must adapt farm management strategies and resources to help mitigate risks.

Protect your farm from severe winter weather hazards

Severe winter weather can create hazards for farms. See what actions you can take to protect your livestock, buildings, and machinery from winter storms.

NH3 safety tips

These NH3 safety tips can be helpful to keep in mind for a safe and productive experience.

Farmer mental health during the holidays

It’s a good idea to be attentive to the subtle signs a farmer may be experiencing a mental health challenge.

Wind & storm mitigation for your farm

The 2020 derecho serves as a reminder for farmers to have plans in place for when a natural disaster hits.

Cybersecurity on farms

Follow these tips to help keep your operation safe from potential cybersecurity threats.

Snow load dangers

Snow load dangers

The weight of accumulated snow and ice could cause your barn to collapse.

Grain Bin Safety Week

Grain Bin Safety Week

Grain Bin Safety Week raises timely awareness of the dangers of grain bins.

Wildfire safety and prevention

Wildfire safety and prevention

Get wildfire safety and prevention tips to help protect your family, farm/ranch and property.

Severe weather safety tips

Severe weather safety tips

Learn how to prepare your farm for extreme weather.

Culture of farm safety

Creating a farm safety culture at your farm or ranch requires a proactive safety attitude.

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Carbon monoxide poisoning

Learn how to avoid CO poisoning.

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