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Featured resources

car insurance

How Much Is Car Insurance?

Learn what factors influence the price of car insurance.

driving safety tips

Driving Safety Tips

Follow these driving safety tips to avoid accidents and keep yourself protected on the road.

understanding your auto policy

Understanding Your Auto Policy

Get a better understanding of your auto insurance coverage.

More auto resources

Is car insurance tax deductible?

Is Car Insurance Tax Deductible?

As tax time draws closer, you may be wondering if you can deduct your auto insurance premium.

What does liability insurance cover?

What Does Liability Insurance Cover?

Find out more about liability insurance and whether you need it.

What is collision insurance?

What is Collision Coverage?

Find out what collision insurance is and whether you need it.

car insurance premiums

Car Insurance Premiums

Learn how your credit score affects your insurance premium.

car insurance lapse

Car Insurance Lapse

An auto insurance lapse could mean higher rates and big financial risks.

auto insurance laws

Auto Insurance Laws

Make sure you know the car insurance laws in your state.

glove box compartment items

Glove Box Compartment Items

Check out our list of must-haves and nice-to-haves for your glove box compartment.

emergency cell phone numbers

Emergency Cell Phone Numbers

Keep these emergency cell phone numbers handy.

smash and grab car

Protect yourself from car break-ins

Learn how to secure your vehicle and prevent this common yet costly property crime.

car seat safety

Car Seat Safety

Make sure your children are safe whenever they are in the car.

car insurance resources

Car Insurance Resources

Learn how to save on car insurance with these research and comparison tools.

Marriage and Insurance

Marriage & your insurance needs

Learn five ways that Nationwide meets the needs of newly married couples.

Types of auto insurance

Types of Car Insurance

Learn how basic car insurance works and what it covers.

how does gap insurance work

What Does Gap Insurance Cover?

Get the answers you need about gap insurance coverage.

What is Auto Insurance?

What is Auto Insurance?

You know you need it – but just what is car insurance, and how does it work?

Comprehensive coverage definition

What Is Comprehensive Coverage?

Find out what comprehensive insurance covers.

What is full coverage auto insurance

What Is Full Coverage?

There are a lot of misconceptions about having full coverage auto insurance.


Do You Need Gap Insurance?

Determine whether gap insurance makes sense for your situation.

Compare car insurance

Comparison Guide

Find an auto insurance company that fits your needs.

Best car insurance

Best Car Insurance Price

How to get the service and coverage you need for the best price.

teaching teens to drive

Teen Driving Tips

As a parent, you can be a good role model who makes sure your young driver is road-ready.

graduate drivers license

What is a Graduated Driver's License?

Learn how a GDL's three-step program can help your teen ease into independent driving.

teen driver education

Driver's Ed

Help your teen apply driver's ed to real-life scenarios.

driving special hazards

Special Road Hazards

Risks go up when driving at night, in school zones and winter weather.

parent-teen driving contract

Parent-Teen Driving Contracts

Set clear expectations before your teen hits the road.

teen distracted driving

Teen Distracted Driving

Understand common teen driving distractions and focus on sensible solutions.

Insurance Claims FAQs

Insurance Claims FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Nationwide property and auto insurance claims.

Auto Insurance Definitions

Auto Insurance Definitions

Become familiar with terms and concepts about the topic of auto insurance.

Insurance FAQ

Insurance FAQs

Find answers to questions about your Nationwide insurance policy.

what causes traffic congestion

Traffic congestion stats

Learn about the real cost of traffic congestion in terms of time and money – beyond just the aggravation.

Insurance fraud protection

How to prevent insurance fraud

Learn what insurance fraud is, what we’re doing to prevent it and how to avoid becoming a victim.

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