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Homeowners Insurance

How Much is Homeowners Insurance

How much is homeowners insurance?

Take a look at some of the factors that determine how your homeowners insurance is calculated.

is homeowners insurance tax deductible

Is homeowners insurance tax deductible?

Homeowners insurance is tax deductible most of the time, but there are exceptions.

filing a claim

Filing a claim

Get 7 tips for filing a homeowners or renters insurance claim.



Make sure your home is covered for all it’s worth.

Marriage and Insurance

Marriage & your insurance needs

Learn five ways that Nationwide meets the needs of newly-married couples.

homeowners insurance for rental property

Protect your investment in a rental property

Find out if your homeowners insurance covers rental property.

How much homeowners insurance do I need

How much homeowners insurance do I need?

Estimate how much homeowners insurance is right for you.

Is hazard insurance the same as homeowners insurance?

What is hazard insurance?

Learn about hazard insurance and what it covers.

What are the different types of homeowners insurance

Types of homeowners insurance

Know the basics of home insurance coverage.

What Is Property and Casualty Insurance?

What is property and casualty insurance?

Learn about property and casualty insurance and what it covers.

What Is Personal Liability Insurance

What is personal liability insurance?

Understand what is and isn't covered in your homeowners or renters insurance policy.

Insurance Claims FAQs

Insurance claims FAQs

Find answers to frequently asked questions about Nationwide property and auto insurance claims.

Insurance FAQ

Insurance FAQs

Find answers to questions about your Nationwide insurance policy.

What is property insurance

Property insurance glossary

Understand definitions of key terms for insuring your home or business.

dwelling insurance

What is dwelling insurance?

Understand what dwelling insurance covers and whether you need it.

homeowners insurance

What is homeowners insurance?

Learn about homeowners insurance and what it covers.

insurance terms defined

Glossary of insurance terms

Learn the basic language of the insurance business, including common terms you’ll hear as a policyholder.

amendatory endorsements

Understanding the parts of a policy

Insurance policy documents appear to be very complex. Use this simple guide to help you make sense of them.

does homeowners insurance cover theft?

Does home insurance cover theft?

Find out whether homeowners insurance covers theft.

home insurance FAQ

Homeowners insurance FAQs

Get answers to common homeowners insurance questions.

personal umbrella policy

Do I need umbrella insurance?

Learn about the benefits of a personal umbrella insurance policy today.

does insurance cover water damage

Does homeowners insurance cover water damage?

Learn the difference between water damage and flood damage.

loss of use coverage

What is loss of use insurance?

Discover what loss of use insurance is and an explanation of loss of use coverage from Nationwide.

Ordinance or law coverage definition

Do I need ordinance or law coverage?

Understand how ordinance or law coverage works and if you need it with your homeowners insurance.

Lower homeowners insurance rates

Lower your home insurance rates

Read the simple steps that you can take to impact how much you pay for your homeowners insurance.

agent talking with woman

Disaster insurance coverage

Consider these 6 tips to determine whether your homeowners insurance will cover a catastrophe.

Does homeowners insurance cover termites?

Does homeowners insurance cover termite damage?

If you own or are considering buying a home, get the facts on homeowners coverage and termite damage.

Man and woman unloading boxes from truck bed

Common homeowners insurance mistakes

Avoid overlooking important details when searching for the best deal.

Filing a claim

Filing a homeowners claim

Be prepared for if the unthinkable occurs and you need to start a claim.

woman asking her home insurance agent questions

Annual home insurance review

Find out how an annual insurance review can ensure your property is protected.

Vacation rental property on the sea

Do I need Vacation Rental Insurance?

Find out if you need coverage for your second home or vacation rental property.

Violin covered by musical instrument insurance

What you should know about insuring musical instruments

Learn the different ways you can get your musical instrument insured.

Understanding landlord insurance

Landlord insurance covers a range of situations

Whether it’s natural cause or not, make sure you’re covered with Landlord insurance.

Renters Insurance

how to get renters insurance

Do I need renters insurance and how do I get it?

Get help determining whether you need renters insurance and how to get it.

how much is renters insurance

How much is renters insurance?

Take a look at some of the factors that go into a renters insurance quote.

does renters insurance cover theft

Does renters insurance cover theft?

Find out whether renters insurance covers theft.

How to prevent bed bugs

Renters insurance and bed bugs

Find out whether renters insurance covers bed bugs.

Common Questions Around Renters Insurance - FAQ

Renters insurance FAQs

Common questions around renters insurance.

What Is Renters Insurance

What is renters insurance?

Learn about renters insurance and what it covers.

At home apartment sofa with tablet

First time rental advice

Our guide for first time renters to navigate the rental market.

Renting a condo

Renting a condo

Avoid the hassle and follow these condo rental search tips.

First apartment

Before you rent your first apartment

Check out these first apartment tips on budgeting, maintenance and more.

woman moving out for the first time

How to move out for the first time

Find important advice on how to successfully move out on your own.

Buying & Selling

Things to know before buying a house

Buying a house?

Read these home buying tips for first time homeowners.

Man and women looking at a house

When to get a home appraisal

A property appraisal may save you money – not just when buying a home.

For sale sign sitting on the porch of a home

Home selling tips

Learn the steps you can take to help get the best price for your home.

pay off mortgage faster

Pay off your mortgage faster

Learn how to build equity, save interest and pay off your mortgage early.

Types of Mortgages

Types of mortgages

Find the home financing option that best fits your budget.

Mortgage qualification calculator

Mortgage qualification calculator

Use our calculator to figure out how much you can qualify to borrow for a mortgage.

Home Inspection Tips for Buyers

Home inspection tips for buyers

Learn the eight home inspection red flags that could be deal breakers.

Woman using a pen to write in a paper notebook at a table

Helpful mortgage information

Get a better understanding of the home financing process.

Discount points

Discount points

See if you can save some money by buying mortgage points.

Mortgage term calculator

Mortgage term calculator

Use our calculator to figure out whether a 15- or 30-year mortgage is right for you.

Tips for First Time Home Buyers

Tips for first time home buyers

There are four things you should know before buying your first house.

Bidding on a House

Bidding on a house

Use these tips to navigate the home-buying process for your next home.

Man's hand with pen writing on paper next to a tablet computer

Should I refinance my mortgage

See what to consider when determining if refinancing a house is right for you.

Mortgage APR Interest Calculator

Mortgage APR interest calculator

Use our calculator to determine the APR for your mortgage loan.

Man and woman review and discuss mortgage paperwork

Mortgage shopping tips

Keep these 5 points in mind when weighing your home loan options.

Couple at home on their computer looking at home price estimate tools

Tools to estimate the value of your home

Learn about the tools you can use to best estimate the value of your home.

Man standing with his daughter talking to a real estate agent about dual agency

What you should know about dual agency

If you’re working with a real estate agent to buy a house, you should know about the impact of dual agency.

couple in a garage packing up their belongings

Address change checklist

If you’re moving, find out who you need to contact with your new address with this helpful checklist.

Woman sitting at a table negotiating realtor commission with an agent

How to negotiate realtor commission

Learn how to negotiate realtor fees to help you save on your home sale or purchase.

Man becomes a landlord of his new home

10 steps to becoming a landlord

Increase your income with these 10 steps to becoming and thriving as a landlord.

Couple moving items out of their house

Should you move or remodel your home?

Find advice on how to decide between renovating your home or buying a new one.

Renting out your house

Five rules for renting out your home

Check out these five things to include in rental contracts.

How to set up utilities

How to set up utilities

Learn how to set up electricity and other utilities in your new home.

Tips for downsizing

Tips for downsizing

If you set priorities and follow a plan, you’ll have an easier time downsizing your home.

Safety & Protection

wood stove safety tips

Wood stove safety tips

Learn about the proper installation, operation, ventilation and maintenance of a wood burning stove.

fire extinguisher safety

Fire extinguisher safety

Find out about the different types of fire extinguishers and how to use them.

fire safety tips

Fire safety tips

Protect your house and family with these fire safety tips.

water heater safety

Water heater safety

Learn about proper water heater maintenance to keep things running smoothly.

electrical safety tips

Electrical safety tips

Stay safe when it comes to your home electrical wiring.

trampoline safety

Trampoline safety

Discover how to properly use trampoline safety pads, nets and more.

senior citizen safety tips

Senior citizen safety tips

Get facts and tips about the unique safety challenges senior citizens face.

childproofing your home

Childproofing your home

Follow these home safety tips to help prevent your children from being hurt.

home safety and care

Home safety and care

Get a better understanding of your homeowners insurance needs.

grill safety tips

Grill safety tips

Following these grilling safety guidelines can help prevent the risk of fires.

Pool Safety

Pool safety tips

Practicing proper pool safety habits is critical.

appliance safety tips

Appliance safety tips

Learn how to safely care for your appliances.

child safety tips

Child safety tips

Learn how to prevent common injuries.

space heater fires

Space heater fires

Take a look at our colorful infographic with tips on how to use a space heater safely.

Sports injury prevention

Sports safety tips for kids

Learn 10 good ways to help ensure your child’s safety and prevent sports-related injuries.

Home remodeling safety precautions

Home remodeling safety

Practice these precautions to stay safe while remodeling your home.

Electrician looking at circuit breaker panel

Reduce electrical fire risk

Learn what upgrades you can make to help prevent an electrical fire in your home.

jewelry theft prevention

Jewelry theft prevention

Get tips on protecting your jewelry from thieves.

home burglary

Home burglary

Get helpful tips on protecting your home from burglars.

prevent identify theft

Prevent identity theft

Identity theft happens every day. Learn how to protect yourself.

Home security while on vacation

Home security while you’re away

Follow these security tips to keep your home safe and trouble-free while you’re traveling out of town.

family swimming in a home pool

What is an attractive nuisance?

Learn what an attractive nuisance is and how to minimize the associated risks.

Doors of a house equipped with a home security system

Home security system buying guide

Here are the questions you should be asking when shopping for a home security system.

College safety tips

College dorm safety tips

Get the peace of mind that these college safety tips provide.

Care & Maintenance

protect your pipes

Protect your pipes

Get tips on keeping your pipes from freezing during the winter.

home heating tips

Home heating tips

Use these home energy saving tips to lower your monthly energy bills.

frozen pipes

Frozen pipes prevention

Learn how to avoid a cold, costly mess by preventing your pipes from freezing.

smart home improvement ideas

Smart home improvement ideas

Consider these home improvement ideas to help you save money in the long run.

Kitchen and sink

Home improvement project ROI

With 5 easy fixes, you can add significant value to your property. Learn which upgrades drive the best ROI.

roofing materials

Different types of roofing

Learn about 9 different types of roofing options and the benefits of each.

Signs of roof damage

Signs of roof damage

Learn how to identify and fix common types of roof damage.

Woman looking at her home additions under construction

8 Questions to ask before adding onto your house

Find out the important questions you should be asking when making home addition plans.

Empty nesters playing cards on a patio

Empty nester house plans

Here are some ways you can make use of space in your house after your children move out.

Home Equity

How to Use Home Equity

How to use home equity

Use your home’s equity to consolidate debt, invest in your future or make home improvements.

What is a home equity loan?

What is a home equity loan?

Learn how to consolidate bills or enhance your purchasing power with a loan to yourself – from your home.

Two women looking through materials in a white folder

Home equity loan vs. line of credit

Learn the difference between a home equity loan and a home equity line of credit.

Man and woman doing home improvement work

What is a home equity line of credit?

Use your home’s equity to consolidate debt, invest in your future or make home improvements.

Travel & Pet

family vacation planning

Smart planning for a family trip

Learn how to successfully plan & enjoy a vacation with the kids – whatever age they are.

checklist of things to do before vacation

Secure home, relaxing travels

We explore some smart ways to secure your home so that while you’re away, everything will be OK.

how to pack efficiently

Smart packing tips for your next trip

Learn how to pack for ease and convenience when you travel.

reasons to buy travel insurance

Travel with peace of mind

8 good reasons to insure your travel plans – and not get tripped up by unforeseen circumstances.

about travel insurance

Travel insurance tips

Learn all the basics of travel insurance before to take off to your destination.

how to prepare for a trip

7 trip prep tips to save you money

Learn some things you can do before traveling abroad that can leave you with more money for the trip.

how to get travel discounts

Finding good travel deals

Learn some tips & tricks for finding the best bargains on your next vacation.

What is travel insurance

When should I buy travel insurance?

Learn more about trip insurance to help decide if you need it for your next vacation.

Family swimming at the beach while on an affordable vacation

How to save money on vacation

Find tips on planning and saving for an affordable vacation.

pet safety tips

Pet safety tips

Review these tips on animal safety to keep your pets safe.

Benefits of pet insurance

The benefits of pet insurance

Here’s why and how to protect your pet from the unexpected.

Woman and child with carry-on luggage

TSA carry-on rules

Find out what you can and can't bring on the plane to help you get through airport security without a hassle.

Traveler holding their passport over a counter

Requirements for getting a passport

Learn the requirements for getting a passport so you can travel abroad.

Bride and groom walking down the aisle

Why you should consider wedding insurance

Find out the different types of wedding insurance coverages and the benefits of a wedding insurance policy.

Woman walking with a suitcase and bag

Travel safety tips

Learn some easy steps you can take to stay safe on your next trip.

Bride and groom walking outside of a wedding

Saying “I don’t” to wedding debt

Learn the types of wedding debt you should try to avoid when planning your big day.

Prepping your pet for your vacation

Prepping your pet for your vacation

Use these tips when deciding what to do with your dog or cat while on vacation.

Enjoying vacation while traveling on a budget

Enjoying vacation while traveling on a budget

Have a great time on your next trip without breaking the bank.

Do I need a travel agent

Should I use a travel agent?

Here are some pros and cons of using a travel agent to book your next trip.

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